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AKAMAS: The film’s DVD

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Akamas, Synopsis

OMERIS, a Turkish Cypriot boy, grows up with Greek Cypriots during the innocent years of his homeland. He has been taught that human beings have no differences, thought they call themselves Greek or Turk, Muslim or Christian. When he falls in love with a Greek Cypriot girl, he realizes that the world around is not as he expected. Love’s game has some surprises for him. Destiny leads him to fight in order to stay with his beloved woman, when people around him are moving in the opposite direction and heading towards separation and partition. He is forced to confront absurd fanaticism that invades his personal life and tries to crush it.

Akamas is a romance, a beautiful one at that, but it also helps to explain how people get swept into conflict not just through greed, fear and poverty but also loyalty: loyalty to religion, to family, to identity and, in this instance, to love. How they are forced to take sides, to retreat to tribalism, to make their neighbour their enemy. (Lauren O’ Hara, Mail 31.3.2007)

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